Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Thank you very much for making a donation towards the trip. Anything will be a huge help as it all adds up. As we get closer to the trip we will look at what donated and sponsored gear we have so far and what we still need. We will then use the donations you have made to purchase any extra gear that is needed for the Nepali Girls on the training programme. Afterwards all the gear will be donated to the Nepali Girls Kayak Club with a huge thanks to all of you. Donations will also be used towards the cost of the training programme for the Nepali Girls although the majority of this will be covered by all of us heading over there.

There are a few options for making a donations

1) Transfer to our NZ bank account

Bank: National Bank
Account holder: S. L. Hoskins
Account Number: 06 0637 0188127 02

2) Send a cheque if you are in NZ made out to S. L. Hoskins and it will be banked into the Nepali Girls Account

Sophie Hoskins
PO Box 121

3) Send a cheque if you are in the U.S.A made out to Whitney Hansen-Hiraki

Whitney Hansen-Hiraki
P.O. Box 1010
Lotus. Ca 95651

4) Go to Inka Trollsas' website: http://farawayadventures.com/nepaligirlkayakers.php
and here you will find a paypal link to make safe credit card donations.

5) Send an email to nepaligirlskayaking@gmail.com or call 027 251 3504 if you have another way you would like to do it i.e. in person.

Once again thank you so much for your donation, If it's not too much trouble we would love an email or a message from you so we can thank you and send you some more information about what your donations went towards.

Email nepaligirlskayaking@gmail.com or leave a message with your name and email address by clicking the link below

Thanks heaps,

The Kiwi Girls :)